Fall Science Kit, Preschool-1st Grade


Our Fall science kit is designed for Preschoolers-1st graders. Approximately ages 3-7.

Your young learner will discover the wonders of fall leaves with this science kit! Learn about the different pigments that make the beautiful colors in fall leaves, use leaves to design fun fall animals, make prints, and get outside with a fall scavenger hunt.

Included materials:

  • Leaf Chromatography – Complete directions with pictures, chromatography strips, rubbing alcohol
  • Leaf Animals – Complete directions, card stock, examples cards of animals to make
  • Fall Scavenger Hunt – Scavenger hunt print out
  • Leaf Prints – Complete directions, card stock, ink pads
  • Leaf Pigment Flashcards
  • 2-4 Fall coloring pages

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