What’s with all of the “Sensory Bins”?: How sensory play impacts brain development in children

If you are a pinterest junky mom, like me, you’ve likely notices a flood of posts in recent years that use phrases like, “discovery bags”, “busy board/books”, “messy play”, and “sensory bins”. What is all of the hype about? Read More

Of Leaves, Apples, and Raccoons: Four Fall Science Activities for Preschoolers

I’m enjoying these last few days of summer. But I can’t wait for fall and all of the wonderful sights, colors, and smells that come with it. Here are some activities I have planned for my son, J, and I in the coming months! Read More

Three Fun Science Activities For Preschoolers Using Ice!

Here in Washington State we’re in the midst of bit of a heat spell this summer (at least, hotter than most western Washingtonians are used to). In looking for ways to keep my kids cool, I came across some some fun looking activities using ice! I thought I’d share my favorites with you. Read More