Welcome to Immerse!

Immerse is a science curriculum for kids that is a mixture of experiments, art projects, and hands-on activities designed to “immerse” a child in learning about a particular topic. I am passionate about two things: getting kids excited about science, and making parents’ lives easier. I do this by designing and making kits that have all of the materials and supplies you need to do a month’s worth of science activities with your kids. You don’t have to spend your time organizing, planning, and shopping for supplies. Just open the box and have fun making memories with your kids.

Why do the kits contain other activities (like art or games) instead of just traditional science experiments?

Skills such as creative thinking, problem solving, visualizing numbers and shapes, and observation play a critical role in understanding science concepts. They are indispensable. This is why our kits contain elements of other STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math) activities. These fields complement and add to our understanding of the world around us.

Why do you only have one series available?

Right now I am only offering one series of kits for 3-4 year olds (“Amazing Animals”). But I will be adding series of kits every year until we have one for every age group up through high school. In the future I will also be introducing short series designed around a particular topic of interest, such as dinosaurs, butterflies, or rocks. I plan to add two more series in September of 2018 (“Exploring your Senses” for 2-3yrs, and “ABCs of Science” for 4-5yrs).

In the meantime, if Immerse sounds like something your child would love, but he is 5-7yrs, try the Amazing Animals kits anyway! While testing this series I had several older kids do these activities with me and still enjoy them immensely.

About me

Hi I’m Kersten! I am a mother to two beautiful, extremely high energy boys. One of my greatest pleasures is pouring into them and teaching them about their world. One of my other passions in life is science. I recently graduated from Washington State University with my MA in Zoology, emphasis on molecular biology.

While I love doing science related projects with my kids, I’m also a busy mom with a million things to do every day to keep my family healthy and happy. Time is a valuable commodity. I love having projects and activities prepared in advance to do with my kids when we have a quiet moment, and they love the one-on-one time. But I found that I was spending far more time planning, shopping, and organizing for these activities than we actually spent doing them. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a box full of fun, educational, creative activities always on hand to do with your kids, but without having to put them together yourself? This is how the idea for Immerse was born. I wanted to provide the service that I wish was available to me!




If you are unhappy with the product, no need to return it, I will refund your money. Simply email me at information@immersesciencekits.com. I do request, however, that you fill out a short survey explaining why my product did not meet your expectation so that I can fix the problem if possible. This is a brand new business venture for me and your comments help me to provide the highest quality product I can.


A flat rate of $5 per kit is applied to help cover shipping costs. If your order is over $50 I will cover shipping! Kits will be shipped within 3 business days and arrive within 10 business days of when you placed your order.

Parental supervision

All kits currently available have small pieces that would be choking hazards for small children. Therefore, all of my kits are recommended for children ages 3 and up. Many kits also include paints, soaps, food coloring….etc. These are all non-toxic but may still irritate sensitive skin or eyes, or may stain clothes and furniture. Parents, please please supervise and help your child with the projects. Put your child in paint clothes, cover vulnerable surfaces, and have a container of wipes ready to clean up messes. I am not responsible for messes your child may make if left unsupervised! Please use common sense.